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Physio Albert Park


With its proximity to the beach, sports facilities and the spectacular Albert Park Reserve, this inner-city suburb is the the place to be for those who lead active lifestyles.

Of course, leading an active lifestyle can be difficult when your body is racked with pain!

Do you suffer from:

  • Sharp back pains?
  • Aches in your legs?
  • A restricted range of motion?
  • Dull aches in your muscles?

Located a short drive away from Albert Park, Physio AUS’ brand-new Elwood clinic is the place to go for Albert Park Residents in need of physiotherapy. We’re perfectly positioned for the busy and fast-paced lifestyle that comes with life in Albert Park.

What sets Physio AUS apart from other physiotherapists?


These days, physiotherapy is a mature profession, with the backing of decades of science. Accessing qualified physiotherapists is easier than ever before now.

And out of all the physios in Melbourne, Physio AUS’ very own Ben Demase is one of the most sought-after. He and his team are obsessed with providing you with a pre-eminent experience.

Part of this is our unique approach to physiotherapy. Unlike other physiotherapists, Physio AUS uses a unique system that focuses on:

Assessing the root cause
of your pain


While pain may manifest in one part of your body, it could be originating from a completely different part. For example, neck problems may manifest as shoulder pain.

By addressing the actual root cause of your pain, Physio AUS go beyond simple stretches. We’re able to prescribe treatments that are far more effective at resolving your pain.

Unique solutions


When it comes to pain recovery, physical therapy is half of that equation. Prevention is the other half.

We take steps to minimise the chances of your pain returning. For example, with athletes we may focus on optimising the way you use your body to minimise risk and avoid aggravating past injuries.

Sustained results


Our focus is returning you to a permanently pain-free existence. The Physio AUS team tells you exactly how much physiotherapy you need and for how long your recovery program will last.

Need a physio in Albert Park? Choose Physio AUS


Over the years, we’ve helped people of all ages with a huge variety of different musculoskeletal problems.

Muscles, ligaments, tendons… our team possess an encyclopedic knowledge of the human body, which we apply when diagnosing the cause of your pain and creating a sustainable solution.

In particular, we treat pain in your:

  • Head and neck
  • Elbow and arm
  • Lower back
  • Hand and wrist
  • Hips
  • Ankles
  • Knees and legs
  • Shoulders

Find out more about physio by body part here.

Experiencing pain? If you’re searching for a physio in Albert Park, why not pop into Physio AUS’ new Elwood clinic?

Expanding our network to bayside suburbs including Albert Park and Hampton, Physio AUS’ signature system is carried through to our new clinic. Read more about the expansion here!

Book an appointment online now or give us a call:
Elwood: (03) 9525 6077

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