How our Elwood physio freed Bobbie from lifelong injury

All too often, our Elwood physiotherapists hear from patients think they’ve gotten an injury for life. Whether it’s on-again, off-again back pain for the last 10 years, or constant nagging pain in their shoulder that they have been living with for the last 6 months, too many resigned themselves to a life with chronic pain. Bobbie is one of them… or rather, he WAS one, until he started seeing our [...]

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What’s the secret to recovering from surgery? A physio in Elwood!

Make no bones about it - recovering from surgery is tough! It’s slow, painful and worst of all, you can’t do half the things you normally can thanks to a loss of mobility and muscle or joint function. You might feel that right now, there isn’t much you can do but rest. However, there ARE some ways you can regain your strength and increase your range of movement. If you [...]

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Why does your workout pain take a full day to flare up? Our Elwood physio explains!

So you’ve just finished a tough workout routine, and you’re feeling great! You’re energised, pepped up and best of all, your muscles don’t hurt at all. You hit the showers, get changed and head home, collapsing on your bed as drift off into a well-deserved sleep. Come morning, you wake up. You try to climb out of bed - and that’s when it hits. Despite feeling completely fine the night [...]

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Ask a physiotherapist in Elwood: pelvic floor problems

The pelvic floor is an important structure in your body. However, thanks to its behind-the-scenes role, most of us have no idea what it does, or what could happen in the event of problems with your pelvic floor muscles! Many people - in particular, women - experience pelvic floor problems, some of whom never seek out help for it. But you don’t have to be one of them - of [...]

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Does posture REALLY cause lower back pain? An Elwood physio explains

Despite common belief, there is no such thing as correct posture - in fact, it varies (quite literally!) If you ask our Elwood physios, correcting posture is somewhat overrated when it comes to muscular aches and pains. What we aim to do at Physio AUS is to educate you and encourage more frequent movement. So, what is good posture? Your next posture is your best posture, SIMPLE. Well not quite! [...]

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Pregnancy-related pain? You need a physio in Elwood!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! When you’re expecting, you can expect all manner of appointments to make: GPs, midwives, ultrasound appointments… the list goes on. One appointment that many women overlook however is their appointment with their physiotherapist. While injuries and chronic pain may make up the majority of our caseload, they aren’t the only things our physios in Elwood treat. Physiotherapy as a profession is about treating and relieving pain [...]

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Ask a physio in Elwood: what is cranial facial needling, and how does it help?

Chewing hurts. You can’t eat. Those tablets aren’t doing a thing to help. In addition to helping patients recover from injuries, our physiotherapists can also help remedy cases of chronic pain in all parts of the body, including in the head, neck and jaw. To do this, our physiotherapists in Elwood are constantly keeping up with the latest in physiotherapy practice and research - this is what allows us to [...]

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Why you don’t have to live with the pain of osteoarthritis!

Osteoarthritis and Exercise. Our Elwood Physio Proves That Osteoarthritis Pain Isn't 'Normal'. Why you don't have to live with the pain of osteoarthritis and proof it’s not a ‘normal’ sign of ageing. Physiotherapy and exercise can be your first and best option to combat osteoarthritis pain in the knee, hip, back, ankles, hands and other areas of the body. Osteoarthritis is a common condition that 1 in 11 people are [...]

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How a physiotherapist in Elwood can help treat your stiff neck

Buzz, buzz, buzz. Your phone starts vibrating, signalling the beginning of another day. You roll out of bed and blearily heading to the kitchen for your morning pick-me-up. As you enter, you pick up the morning paper or check your emails on your phone. You look down - and that’s when the neck pain kicks in. We’ve all been there. In the vast majority of cases, the issue is the [...]

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Tendon Injury? An Elwood Physio Answers Common Questions About Tendon Pain.

What Your Elwood Physio Wants You To Know About Your Tendon!! Introducing our new Physio and ' Tendinopathy Terminator '  Ally! Have you ever had tendon pain, tendinopathy or tendinitis? These can occur in many tendons around the body including the elbow (golfers or tennis elbow), achilles, knee, hip, shoulder and thumb. They can often be very painful and disabling, so there are a few things your physio wants you [...]

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