Tendon Injury? An Elwood Physio Answers Common Questions About Tendon Pain.

What Your Elwood Physio Wants You To Know About Your Tendon!! Introducing our new Physio and ' Tendinopathy Terminator '  Ally! Have you ever had tendon pain, tendinopathy or tendinitis? These can occur in many tendons around the body including the elbow (golfers or tennis elbow), achilles, knee, hip, shoulder and thumb. They can often be very painful and disabling, so there are a few things your physio wants you [...]

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On your bike! How our physiotherapists in Elwood help cyclists

With Aussies becoming more aware of their health, it’s no surprise that we’ve also seen an accompanying spike in the number of cyclists on our roads. You’ve probably noticed them on your commute, clad in lycra and pedalling away. If you’re reading this, there’s even a good chance that you’re one of them! And if you are, you’re probably wondering about the potential negative physical side-effects associated with your new [...]

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Did you know? Our Elwood physiotherapists can help with headaches!

Our physiotherapists in Elwood are committed to helping with your injuries and chronic pains. That includes recurring pain, previous injuries and other musculoskeletal issues. What you may not know is that our commitment to relieving pain can also extend to chronic headaches! We know - physiotherapists and headaches aren’t exactly two things you put together. Take it from us however - recurring headaches are something we may be able to [...]

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Did you know? Our physios in Elwood are now NDIS registered!

First established in 2013, the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) has no doubt helped thousands of Australians living with disabilities. These also include physical disabilities resulting from physical conditions, debilitating injuries, and genetic disorders. Individuals with physical disabilities now have the resources to access a greater range of disability support for their conditions. And that includes NDIS physiotherapy, courtesy of our physios in Elwood! How NDIS support works Under the [...]

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Elwood Physio Shows How To Stop Shoulder Pain And Clicking [Video]

At Physio Australia we see our fair share of athletes and manual labourers - it's true. However what most people don't know is that we actually see more office workers and everyday Aussies than we do superstar sporting heroes. Shoulder and neck pain are two parts of the body in particular where many people struggle and seek our help. Today, our physio in Elwood talks you through an amazing exercise for shoulder, neck [...]

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Our physio in Elwood explains hand and finger pain

Physiotherapy isn’t just for athletes and manual labourers - it can also be a huge help to office workers and everyday Aussies as well! One part of the body in particular where many people encounter pain is in the hands and fingers. Do you work as a draftsman? Are you a musician? Have people told you that you type like a jackhammer? If any of these apply to you, then [...]

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What To Do With A Rotator Cuff Tear

Let's assume you've had some shoulder pain that won't seem to go away. It's a pain that might be in the front or back of your shoulder and possibly radiates down the side of your arm towards the middle of your upper limb. Overhead activities such as lifting or reaching may aggravate it. You might feel pain and discomfort when you try to sleep on that particular side. By now [...]

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Strains vs sprains: our Elwood physio explains!

Strains, sprains, tomato, tom-ah-to… While they may sound pretty close, the truth is that strains and sprains are two completely separate issues, and as such, require slightly different treatments. Due to their similar-sounding names however, many people wind up using the two terms interchangeably - something that our Elwood physio hears all the time!  It’s true that strains and sprains refer to damage to soft tissues in the body, and [...]

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An Elwood physio explains physiotherapist training

The job of your Elwood physio is to assess, diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of musculoskeletal issues that impact people’s movement and physical function. We often find ourselves working with those who’ve suffered from accidents, injuries or long-running health problems. Using a tailored combination of exercise, movement analysis, manual therapy and specialist techniques, we can help restore, improve and promote health. The human body is a complex machine. [...]

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