Strains vs sprains: our Highett physio explains!

Strains, sprains, tomato, tom-ah-to… While they may sound pretty close, the truth is that strains and sprains are two completely separate issues, and as such, require slightly different treatments. Due to their similar-sounding names however, many people wind up using the two terms interchangeably - something that our Highett physio hears all the time!  It’s true that strains and sprains refer to damage to soft tissues in the body, and [...]

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How to fix a sprained ankle

Everyone knows someone who has sprained or rolled their ankle. And it’s one of those pesky injuries that has a habit of coming back again and again. Around 34% of people who have sprained their ankle once, will sprain it at least once more – and that’s concerning. For me, I’ve been involved in netball both professionally and personally for years, and ankle sprains are one of the most common [...]

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Our Highett physio explains the different ways to treat sprains

Sometimes you don’t realise how much you use or feel a part of your body until something happens to it. Think about every inconveniently-placed mosquito bite. Or that time you burned a finger making dinner. Or when you forgot to put sunscreen on the top of your feet. One part of your body that you simply can’t live without is your joints. Whether it’s ankle, elbow or wrists, your joints [...]

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Need a Highett physio for sprained ankle? We explain the healing process

You’re going out on your evening jog when suddenly, one of your steps doesn’t quite land properly. You’re walking to the train station, eyes glued to your phone and you trip into a pothole on the footpath. You might even simply lose balance while popping down to the shops for some coffee! Each of these accidents can easily result in an ankle sprain if you don’t land properly. If you’ve [...]

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