Our physio in Highett explains the most common types of arm pain

Many of us take our arms for granted. You don’t realise how much you rely on them in your day-to-day lives. That is, until you suffer an injury. You might think to yourself that it’ll clear up on its own. You might even persuade yourself that your injury is inconsequential. However arm pain can be stop you from doing your day-to-day job, going to the gym, or even performing household [...]

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Your local Highett physiotherapist explains tennis elbow

Who watched the Australian Open finals last month? Talk about thrilling tennis! We saw Caroline Wozniacki earn her first ever grand slam title after a thrilling win against the now-world #2 Simona Halep. And in the men’s final, Roger Federer continued to enchant audiences in a tight match against Marin Cilic. The two battled for five sets and The Fed came out on top, cinching his 20th Grand Slam title. [...]

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