A physiotherapist in Caulfield explains how poor ergonomics can cause pain

Do you experience dull throbbing? Sharp pains? Or recurring aches? For many, the first thought is “how did I get that?” You think back to the evening jog, or the last time you went to the gym. You must have done something wrong - it’s the only theory that makes sense. But what if we told you it wasn’t? You might be surprised to hear that an injury event isn’t [...]

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Get back into it! Our Elwood physiotherapist explains 5 ways to relieve your pain

Did you know? Around half of all Australians work jobs where they spend most of their time sitting. Unfortunately, this sedentary lifestyle isn’t helping with those who suffer severe back pain. The problem arises when people don’t take active measures to balance out their largely desk-bound jobs. Think about all the hours you spend sitting (or lying down) in a day: 8 hours sleeping 30 mins commute to work in [...]

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A physio in Elwood explains the dangers of sitting too much

According to the Heart Foundation, around 65.3% of Aussies over 15 either were sedentary or had low levels of exercise. That’s close to 12 million people - a little under half the entire population. And with less active living comes a whole host of potential health problems. While inactivity isn’t great for the body in general, much of this idle time is spent sitting down. In our experience, this is [...]

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Learn about back muscle spasms from a Caulfield physiotherapist

Back pain doesn’t just make lifting things or reaching for the top shelf difficult - since your back supports your entire body, any problem with it can make even simple tasks like walking a literal pain. Strains, “slipped discs”, fractures - we’re all familiar with the usual sources of back pain. But these three aren’t the only types of back pain. The spinal column is a complex amalgamation of different [...]

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A Caulfield physio explains bulging disc, and how to treat it

“Bulging disc”. It sounds like the punchline to a spectacularly bad joke. Despite it’s comical-sounding name however, bulging disc (aka "slipped" or protruding disc) is a serious musculoskeletal condition. Bulging discs are one of the more common causes of back pain. In fact, many people who suffer from bulging discs mightn’t even realise it. Our Caulfield physio is here to explain the cause of a bulging disc, and most importantly, [...]

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A pat on the back: how can a Caulfield physio for back relieve your aching pain?

Did you know that and estimated 70-90% of Aussies will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives? Back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal conditions physiotherapists treat on a day-to-day basis. Whether you’re an athlete, office worker, or the typical everyday Aussie, a healthy back is what keeps you upright… literally! Unlike other types of pain, back pain can force you to change your [...]

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