Leg pain? An Elwood physio shares 4 running mistakes you’re making

Running - how hard could it be? After all, you’re just putting one foot in front of the other, right? Unfortunately, it’s exactly that attitude that’s behind so many leg and foot injuries! There’s much more to running than just putting on a pair of trainers and going for it. Believe it or not however, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes when you go out for a run. [...]

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Common exercise mistakes: an Elwood physio tells you how to get back into running!

With society’s new focus on fitness and physical wellbeing, more and more everyday Aussies are strapping their runners on, renewing gym memberships, and getting back into the habit. This is great news if you ask us - your health should always be a top priority! However, it also comes with its fair share of risks. Returning to exercise isn’t as easy as hitting the pavement after a few months hibernating. [...]

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A Caulfield physiotherapist explains shin splint treatments you can do from home!

The fight against leg pain doesn’t end once you finish your appointment with your Caulfield physiotherapist. If you’re tired of putting up with leg pains like shin splints, you’ll not only need to visit your physio, but also invest in the exercises we prescribe. Physical therapy at your physiotherapist’s clinic is just one half of the equation - for sustained results and long-lasting results relief from leg pain, you’ll also [...]

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Run for the hills: a Caulfield physio shares 5 easy tips to avoid shin splints

A couple of weeks ago, we addressed the causes and treatments of shin splints. Of course, we overlooked a fairly major consideration when writing that - namely, how to avoid shin splints in the first place! Today, our Caulfield physio will help you understand how you can prevent shin splints from ever happening to begin with. But first, a note about stretching… If you participated in any sport during your [...]

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A Caulfield physio explains shin splint causes and treatment

You feel a dull, aching pain in your lower leg as you set out on your weekly jog. It’s irritating, but it doesn’t seem too bad at first. The pain appears to subside during your warm-up but comes back full-force when you start jogging. It gets worse and worse as your jog continues. Your run is over, but the pain doesn’t leave - your legs are constantly aching. Sound familiar? [...]

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How to stop leg cramps – tips from a Melbourne physio

One moment you’ll be swimming, walking up the stairs, or even dozing off in bed when suddenly, you feel it: that tell-tale tightness in your calf or foot. You drop what you’re doing and start rubbing the affected area, but it’s no use - your muscles are tight, tensed up and screaming out in pain. Thankfully, most muscle cramps don’t leave any permanent damage and the pain dies down after [...]

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