How a physiotherapist in Highett can help treat your stiff neck

Buzz, buzz, buzz. Your phone starts vibrating, signalling the beginning of another day. You roll out of bed and blearily heading to the kitchen for your morning pick-me-up. As you enter, you pick up the morning paper or check your emails on your phone. You look down - and that’s when the neck pain kicks in. We’ve all been there. In the vast majority of cases, the issue is the [...]

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Did you know? Our Highett physiotherapists can help with headaches!

Our physiotherapists in Highett are committed to helping with your injuries and chronic pains. That includes recurring pain, previous injuries and other musculoskeletal issues. What you may not know is that our commitment to relieving pain can also extend to chronic headaches! We know - physiotherapists and headaches aren’t exactly two things you put together. Take it from us however - recurring headaches are something we may be able to [...]

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How To Eliminate Shoulder and Neck Pain [Hack] Neck pain can be completely immobilising! It's one of the most common complaints I deal with in our Highett clinic every single day. It can occur due to a given event for e.g: a knock during a sporting contest or a motor vehicle accident. But it can also happen seemingly out of the blue. I've had many patients who wake up with an excruciatingly painful and 'locked' neck who [...]

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