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Physio Caulfield


Whether it’s a muscle problem, bone issue, or an old injury, pain and injury can keep you from doing the things you love. If the pain is stopping you from enjoying your life, visit your Caulfield physiotherapist today.

Physio AUS uses a unique system that diagnoses the root cause of your pain and restores normal, pain-free movement for good!

Is pain or injury stopping you from doing the things you love, including:

  • Going to the gym?
  • Playing with the kids?
  • Concentrating in the office?
  • Engaging in your favourite sport?
  • Or simply tying your shoelaces?

Say goodbye to pain and injury


At Physio AUS, we use a range of proven techniques and tools to help you beat pain and regain your mobility.

Headed by leading physio Ben Demase, Physio AUS provides consultations for all people including:

  • Professional athletes
  • Fitness fanatics
  • Working professionals
  • Parents
  • Seniors
  • Everyday Aussies

Help is never out-of-reach as your physio Caulfield customises treatment programs based on a tried and tested unique system for anyone to benefit from with.



If your body is exposed to a high demand and stressful environment on a regular basis through training and competition, you need a proven solution from your Caulfield physio to keep you out of pain and back into your normal routine.

Working professionals


Working professionals who sit almost all day in the office can suffer back, arm, and neck pain. Physio AUS helps you to move out from pain and enjoy your work without any disruptions.

Fitness fanatics


Fitness buffs and sports fanatics who can’t work out on the gym or play their favourite sports need an effective rehabilitation solution to regain strength to continue to engage in their favourites activities.

Visit our physiotherapist in Caulfield today!


Operating both in-clinic and online, Physio AUS is available all over the country.

Whether you’re at home, in the office or anywhere else, relief for your pain is never more than a handful of clicks away.

If you’d prefer an in-clinic session, visit our physiotherapy in Caulfield today.

Take the first step towards getting out of back and back to playing in your favourite sports: call us on 1300 392 552 or book a consult at our Caulfield South clinic today!

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