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Physio for arm and elbow

Golfers and tennis players aren’t the only ones who suffer elbow and arm pain!

Golf and tennis are very different sports, which appeal to very different types of people.

As physiotherapists, we see many golfers and tennis players come to us to solve almost the exact same issues relating to their arms and elbows.

And they’re not alone. While colloquially referred to as “golfer’s elbow” or “tennis elbow”, any type of repetitive lower arm movement can cause elbow or arm pain – just ask any painter, weightlifter or carpenter.

What causes elbow and arm pain?

Repetitive movements in your lower arms are the most common cause of elbow and arm pain. Frequent, persistent motions can cause repeated stress on the tendons and muscles either on the inside or outside of your elbow. Other causes include:

  • Poor recovery from a broken bones and other injuries
  • Bursitis (when the bones/tendons/muscles that cushion your shoulder joint suffer damage)
  • Sprains and strains
  • Rheumatism

How can elbow and arm pain be treated?

Elbow and arm pain generally flares up when you grip, shake, or lift something.

Fortunately, the vast majority of elbow and arm pain can be resolved without surgery. First and foremost, rest: give your overworked arms some time to recover – a doctor or physio may even prescribe a physical brace that completely immobilises the affected arm.

Additionally, a physio may perform a range of motion exercises with you to reduce stiffness and increase flexibility in your arm, as well as physiotherapy to strengthen your arms and sustain results.

For solutions that address the root causes of your elbow and arm pain, book a consultation with Physio AUS today!

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