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  • Chronic recurring pain
  • Old injuries flaring up
  • A recent accident

These are just some of the common causes of musculoskeletal pain.

It can be tempting to ignore this pain and try to power through it.

However, in many cases that simply exacerbates the problems and increases your risk of a temporary ache turning into permanent pain. In some cases, it reaches the point where medical intervention is required.

Luckily, you don’t have to grin and bear it for much longer.

The first step towards a pain-free is to visit your local physiotherapist in Hampton. Get in touch with the Physio AUS team at our new physio clinic in Elwood to learn how we get you there.

When it comes to pain management, one size does NOT fit all


Each case is unique. While you may present the same pain, the root cause can be completely different. Let’s look at hip pain as an example…

  • Person A’s hip pain might be the result of muscle tears
  • Person B’s might be a consequence of lower back pathology
  • Person C may be suffering from hip bursitis

There’s no universal treatment technique that can resolve every single case of musculoskeletal pain out there.

Instead, the best way to resolve pain is with tailored treatments that directly address your unique circumstances.

At Physio AUS, we’ve worked thousands of case sessions, ranging from professional athletes to tradies, office workers, and everyday mums and dads.

Our physiotherapists possess an encyclopedic knowledge of the human body, which we combine with our arsenal of proven treatments to deliver you tangible, lasting results.

Visit our physiotherapy clinic for…

Pain relief


Using a wide range of proven remedial techniques, our team can minimise your felt pain.

This is the first step towards permanent recovery. Techniques such as deep tissue massage and dry needling are backed by modern science and proven to relieve muscle pain.

Strength-building treatments


Once you suffer an injury, your odds of a future injury shoot up. On the other hand, strong muscles, ligaments and tendons are much less vulnerable to chronic pain and recurrence.

Our clinics are fully-equipped with specialised machinery that target specific parts of your body.

In addition, our experienced physiotherapists prescribe exercises that you can perform from home.

Pain prevention


We believe that pain-free should be your body’s default setting.

In addition to strength-building exercises, our team of experienced physiotherapists also analyse the way you use your body. We identify parts of your technique that pose a risk of future injury and help you break bad habits.

Searching for a nearby physio in Hampton?


Physio AUS has just opened its second clinic in Melbourne! Book an appointment at our Elwood clinic or give us a call today on (03) 9525 6077.

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