Physio AUS is expanding! Introducing our new Highett physio clinic

//Physio AUS is expanding! Introducing our new Highett physio clinic

Physio AUS is expanding! Introducing our new Highett physio clinic

Over the years, Physio AUS has worked thousands of different case sessions. We’ve built up a solid reputation, becoming one of the most sought-after physiotherapists in Melbourne.

We’re proud of the results we’ve obtained for our clients. But recently, we’ve realised our current clinic doesn’t have the capacity to serve all of our clients – the brand was begging for an expansion!

Thanks to our brand new Highett physio clinic, we’re now able to extend our services, offer quality physiotherapy and spread our unique AUS system even further across Melbourne!

Need a physiotherapist in Highett? Stop by our new Highett physio clinic to see how we can help.

Need a physiotherapist in Highett?

Located 18km away from Melbourne’s CBD, our physio in Highett allows us to reach even more Melburnians than ever before.

Applying the exact same proven techniques and unique treatments, those who live and work around Highett can expect physiotherapy that resolves their pain and allows them to return to a pain-free existence.

  • Suffering any of the following?
  • Shoulder tension from hunching over your desk at work
  • Head and neck pain that causes headaches or migraines
  • Back aches that stop you from hitting the gym
  • Leg injuries you suffered during sport
  • Elbow and arm pain from repetitive movements
  • Hip pain or bursitis that’s stopping you from moving


Come check out our new physio clinic in Highett!

Physio AUS has made a name for itself as one of Melbourne’s leading physiotherapists.

Our focus on getting you moving and our arsenal of proven techniques have made us the physio of choice for professional athletes, corporate physiotherapy and everyday people alike.

If you live in Highett and the surrounds and you’re suffering from ongoing pain, call one of Melbourne’s most sought-after physios – now in Highett!

Call our Highett physio on 1300 392 552 or drop by – walk-ins welcome!

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