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The Physio AUS Formula

Uniquely designed by physiotherapist Ben Demase, the Physio AUS formula is the most unique and comprehensive assessment technique in Australia.

The purpose of this system is to provide you with the roadmap that shows you the best way to get out of pain and injury and back to where you want to be in the shortest amount of time. It also shows how you can sustain your results so that pain-free becomes a lifestyle. Our signature assessment can be broken down into three steps:

How does it work?

Physio Australia Advanced assessment

Advanced assessment

During your initial assessment, we look at where you are, and discover where you want to be. Assessing the symptoms and discovering the cause of your pain through our advanced techniques are key to developing the right solution tailored to your specific needs.

Our physiotherapist in Highett is relentless in getting to the root of your problem so you can get back to your activity or sport or simply living your life without having to worry about re-injury or returning pain.

Physio Australia Unique solutions

Unique solutions

Other physios will stop after step 1, but this unique step is essential in helping us gain a clear understanding into what caused your injury or pain.

The cause of your pain lies in the way you move.

The clinical testing in our AUS system is a unique and critical step that shows us how you perform natural movements. This specialised step ensures we create the right solution from the very start.

Additionally, it helps you to understand the underlying cause of your pain.

Physio Australia Sustained results

Sustained results

To solve your pain and sustain your results, we prescribe a tailored plan up-front that details the optimum way to shift from your current state to where you want to be.

Our personally tailored treatment plan prescribes exactly how much treatment you will require from your very first visit to our Highett physio, ensuring you sustain your results for the long-term.

A written treatment plan is created and provided to you from the get-go.

Benefits of Physio AUS’ unique formula

You get your desired result

It’s as simple as that: you’re pain free and can return to participating fully in your chosen activity, whether that’s running, cycling, playing sport, or simply playing with the kids or even putting your socks on!

You can live pain-free
and without restriction

Live the most unrestricted life possible without having to worry about pain or injury returning to hinder you.

You will understand
the cause of your pain

Gain 100% clarity into what has caused your pain or problem, and how to solve it – for good.

You will know exactly
what you need to do

Your treatment plan  details how long it will last, how frequently it needs to be done, and what outcomes to expect throughout.

The Physio Australia promise: Based on our findings we tell you exactly what your treatment will involve, how long it will last and how frequently it should be from your very first appointment.
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