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Physiotherapist Caulfield for health and fitness

Is a recent injury keeping you from the gym or stopping you from participating in your favourite Saturday morning sport?

Or perhaps you’re on a weight-loss journey that’s come to an unwelcome halt due to pain or injury?

Whatever the reason, pain is getting you down… and you need to get back up! No matter where pain strikes, you need a solution to get you back into the gym, the court, or the pool.

How and why you should release your abdominal when exercising

Physio for fitness

Every week, we see clients who are suffering due to pain or injuries they sustained in the gym. They’re stuck on the sidelines and itching to get back into their regular fitness routines, but pain is holding them back.

Common reasons for gym injuries

Gym injuries can be varied, but are almost always caused in part due to one of the following reasons:

  • Inadequate or no warmup prior to working out
  • Poor or incorrect form that increases the risk of injury
  • Lifting weights that are too heavy
  • Sudden increases to frequency or intensity
  • Overuse of joints or muscles
  • Poor cooldown

Physio AUS can outline specific warmup and cooldown processes that you need to perform at your best!

Common gym injuries

  • Muscle strains
  • Shin splints
  • Knee injuries
  • Sprained ankle
  • Elbow and arm pain

View more injuries by body part here.

Working with a PT?

We liaise directly with your personal trainer or coach so that you get the overlapping benefits of your physio helping your training, and your training helping your physio!

Physio during weight loss

Your weight loss journey is undeniably filled with highs and lows. Milestones are celebrated, but setbacks can dampen spirits.

One of the most common setbacks during a weight loss journey is injury. Pain or injuries inhibit your regular training and keep you out of the gym; a disheartening feeling that can really interrupt your focus.

You can’t afford to miss training to due pain – and you don’t need to! We have a proven track record of helping people achieve their fitness goals which is why we are trusted by Vision Personal Training in Brighton.

Health and fitness physio Caulfield

If you’re frustrated with pain and injuries affecting your ability to reach your fitness goals or play your favourite sport, contact Physio AUS today.

We provide completely tailored solutions, while our unique AUS System will diagnose the problem from the very first session! Book your consultation.

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