What’s the secret to recovering from surgery? A physio in Highett!

//What’s the secret to recovering from surgery? A physio in Highett!

What’s the secret to recovering from surgery? A physio in Highett!

Make no bones about it – recovering from surgery is tough!

It’s slow, painful and worst of all, you can’t do half the things you normally can thanks to a loss of mobility and muscle or joint function.

You might feel that right now, there isn’t much you can do but rest. However, there ARE some ways you can regain your strength and increase your range of movement.

If you guessed “visit a physio in Highett”, you’d be correct!

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Physio vs. surgery: which one’s right for me?

It depends!

Traditionally, we used to think surgery is the only option for certain conditions. For example, grade 3 sprains resulting in a complete tear in the affected ligament – used to be a slam-dunk case for surgery. However now more than ever we continually find that physio and strength and conditioning stand up just as well to surgical interventions in studies conducted.

However in some cases we decide on a combination of the two, where surgery following an injury is supported by ongoing physiotherapy.

Of course, physiotherapy is about more than just dealing with musculoskeletal problems.

A large part of our Highett physios’ job is preventative – we look at your technique or workstation, identify issues, and help optimise it so that you don’t have to suffer an injury in the first place.

Needless to say, you won’t get that from surgery.

Which one’s best for you? Each case is unique – as such, the only way to be sure is to ask!

How bad is the pain?

If the pain is so severe that you can’t go about your daily routine even in a partially impaired way, and you have a pathology that has a reliable and safe surgical intervention – surgery may be a viable solution. Your physio is more than capable of guiding you towards the right decision and should discuss all the options available to you.

By contrast, if you’re looking at preventative measures, physio is the way to go!

When deciding to go with surgery, it’s all about balancing risk and disruption against the potential benefits. All surgery comes with a risk of complications, as well a lengthy recovery period. It won’t be worth it in every case.

Luckily, physiotherapy offers a non-invasive alternative!

Other things to consider

As with all medical conditions, there are a range of different considerations your GP will need to consider before recommending surgery.

This includes factors like:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Current health
  • Use of alcohol and tobacco
  • Allergic reactions
  • Fear and anxiety

Most of these factors can increase the risk of complications during or after your surgery. Any one of them can tip the equation, and make physiotherapy a preferable choice.

If you can’t afford to take a week (or more) off work or you simply aren’t comfortable with the idea of surgery, your doctor may recommend physiotherapy as a non-invasive alternative.

After carefully evaluating your condition as well as your pain, our Highett physiotherapists will determine what sort of physiotherapy treatments are needed to minimise your pain and allow you to enjoy a greater range of movement.

Using our unique AUS System, we’ll create an individualised physio plan that accounts for your musculoskeletal pain, builds strength in the affected area and which increases your range of motion.

Physiotherapy and surgery can go together.

Say that you’ve gone to a GP or visited your local Highett physiotherapist, and the decision is unanimous: surgery is the way forward.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that physiotherapy doesn’t have a role to play!

Even in cases where surgery is the only way forward, physiotherapy can still help you in the lead-up to (or aftermath of) surgery. Many surgeons insist on their patients undergoing a course of ‘prehab’ physio 6-12 weeks before their surgery as it assists with your recovery post surgery.

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Rehab: how physiotherapy can help AFTER surgery

Physiotherapy is about more than just exercise techniques – it’s all about helping everyday people like you live the most active lifestyle possible by helping you overcome pain and injury.

And since physiotherapy is all about helping you overcome both of these ailments, we often find ourselves helping people who’ve just come out of surgery!

Physiotherapists work closely with patients who have recently undergone surgery to…

  • Improve mobility
  • Reduce pain
  • Regain strength and flexibility
  • Avoid further injury
  • Maximise the outcomes of surgery

We’ll also perform regular reassessments and check your progress, adjusting your physical therapy regime to facilitate a smoother, quicker recovery.

“Prehab”: how physiotherapy can help BEFORE surgery

Not all physiotherapy occurs after surgery – in many cases, it happens before.

According to a recent study, pre-operative physiotherapy can dramatically reduce the recovery time following surgical procedures.

The numbers don’t lie – a 29% reduction in postoperative care isn’t something you can ignore!

Each surgery comes with a recovery period – while the research focused exclusively on knee and hip replacements, it isn’t much of a stretch to imagine similar benefits for other types of surgery too!

Make your recovery period as short as possible by engaging a physio in Highett before surgery as well as afterwards.

Preventative physio

As they say, prevention is better than cure!

While physiotherapists and surgeons often work together to help people recover from musculoskeletal issues, if you ask us, you shouldn’t have to resort to surgery in every case!

The best way to prevent musculoskeletal pain is by keeping your musculoskeletal system in good condition.

In addition to strengthening the muscles in your body, that also means optimising your movement and technique.

We’ll take an in-depth look at how you use your body while at work or in the gym, identifying issues and suggesting technique improvements as well as warm-up routines that minimise the chances of future injury or damage.

Whether you’re a pro athlete, a labourer or someone who’s getting back into exercise after a long time away, preventative physiotherapy might be just what you need.

How our Highett physio helps surgery patients

Don’t let pain get the best of you!

Whether you receive a referral from your surgeon, need the extra help after surgery or want to speed up your recovery, physiotherapy might be just what you need.

Our Highett physio team helps all sorts of patients… and that includes people who have recently gone under the knife, or who are about to.

Ensure your surgery and recovery go smoothly – talk to our physios in Highett today on (03) 9525 6077, or click here to book online.

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