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Tennis Elbow Treatment

Tennis elbow treatment are common to athletes as well as ordinary people in Melbourne. Call an elbow physio today to help you recover from it. Here are more information about tennis elbow.

Physio Treatment for HShoulder Pain

Tennis Elbow Symptoms

The most frequent symptom is pain, much greater on palpation, in the external area of the elbow, in a bony prominence called the epicondyle. To this bone prominence come the tendons of the muscles that extend the fingers and the wrist, so that pain often occurs when the hand and forearm work (for example, taking a bottle of water and turning it to fill a glass of water). Water).

If the pain in that area is constant, that is to say without any movement and even more so if in addition the pain that extends towards the hand or towards the shoulder, it is necessary to think that the problem is of cervical origin.

Causes of Tennis Elbow

There are two possibilities:

A- That the origin is purely physical, mechanical.
Usually in people who perform continuous and repetitive manual work as an electrician with the screwdriver and especially in people who work in assembly lines.

B- When there is no clear work factor, we should think that the origin of the problem is cervical. It would be convenient to explore the sensitivity and mobility of the 5th and 6th cervical vertebrae.

In this case an irritation of these cervical vertebrae will increase in a constant and involuntary way the tension of a muscular chain of the arm that favors the epicondylitis, besides also affecting the sanguineous irrigation and the sensitivity of the region of the elbow. But it would be convenient to ask ourselves why this cervical problem occurs even more if the patient has not had any accident or trauma? Often this cervical problem is the consequence of stress or a peculiar emotional situation, in this case it is possible that the patient is immersed in a conflict with someone or something, a situation, in which he feels frustrated, impotent, with rage contained , that generates a particular type of anxiety that affects the dorsal mid-high area causing rigidity and compensatory on the mentioned vertebrae of the cervical area causing hyper-mobility, instability and finally blockage. (This type of emotion according to oriental medicine alters hepatic-biliary functioning, causing reflexes in the dorsal area and the cervical area). In this case it is very important to perform a treatment of medicinal plants indicated at the end of the article, and it is also important that the patient is aware of that link between their emotional tension and elbow pain.

Tennis Elbow Treatment

If we are in case A (intense and repetitive work)
Obviously the work rest is necessary for a while but it will also be good to do a special massage on the elbow and perform a special stretch. In the last phase you can do an exercise to strengthen these tendons. These types of recovery treatment can be faciliates by a good physio in Melbourne.

If we are in case B (Cervical origin due to emotional tension)
In addition to the exercises described above it will be very important to add a complementary treatment. In a complementary way you can also do an exercise to mobilize the nerve roots that come from the cervical spine. These types of recovery treatment can be faciliates by a good physio in Melbourne.

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