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Struggling to make it through the workday due to back, neck, or shoulder pain?

Whether that’s poor posture, bad workplace ergonomics, or odd sleeping habits, back pain is virtually unavoidable!

Talk to your Windsor physio today and get rid of the pain that’s been troubling you.

In pain due to a workplace injury?


Workplace injuries are typical problems that almost every Australian will face, and back pain is the most prevalent. In fact, did you know that up to 90% of Aussies will experience back pain in their life?

No matter the type of pain or injury you are suffering from, proper treatment cannot begin without the right diagnosis.

Some of the most common workplace pain and injuries include:

  • Back pain from poor posture and poor office chairs
  • Wrist pain from repetitive mouse and keyboard movement
  • Shoulder pain from tense, bunched up shoulders while working at a desk
  • Neck pain from incorrectly set up computer screens (or cradling your phone between your ear and shoulder!)

Apathy and a heavy workload are the two most common reasons why working professionals do not seek help or treatment regarding their pain injuries. Instead, they simply choose to “deal with it”.

This doesn’t have to be the way! Physio AUS has created the most unique and comprehensive assessment technique in Australia that solves your injury and helps you achieve a pain-free lifestyle!

Start your pain treatment with your physio in Windsor today!


Start your pain treatment with your physio in Windsor today!


Don’t brush off your workplace injuries for days, weeks, or even months when your physio Windsor can help you!

Physio AUS deals with corporate pain and injuries everyday, and is dedicated to improving your comfort and health, especially in the workplace.

Always remember that making your health a priority will not only make you happier, but will improve workplace productivity and boost employee morale.

Physio AUS is delighted to offer both physical and online consultations, so no matter your location, we can help!

Whether you’re busy at work or at home, our Windsor physio will walk you through the whole pain treatment process tailored to help you sustain strength without the fear of pain returning.

Don’t let injury dictate what you can or can’t do in your day-to-day life. Get out of pain for good with the right diagnosis and treatment plan from Physio AUS!

Questions? Prefer to chat? Call our team today! 1300 392 552.

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