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Physio for hand and wrist

Where would you be without your hands and wrists?

Without your hands and wrists, your entire day-to-day life and routine falls apart: no more chopping food, using a keyboard, or any sort of fine motor movement. Even something as simple as getting dressed becomes challenging.

Physio for hand and wrist

Many of our clients’ hand and wrist pain can be tracked to repetitive movements like knitting or sewing, as well as modern activities like using a computer mouse at work.

These seemingly mundane tasks can be the cause of severe hand and wrist pain, especially if performed forcefully or for hours on end.

Other causes can include:

  • Vibrating equipment
  • Cold temperatures
  • Poor ergonomics
  • Carrying heavy objects

Arthritis, rheumatism, and carpal tunnel syndrome also results in day-to-day wrist pain.

How can hand and wrist pain be treated?

Physio Treatment for Hand and WristPain

A qualified physiotherapist can relieve your pain by:

  • Correctly and accurately diagnosing the cause of the pain
  • Prescribing specific treatments and exercises for wrist and tendon problems
  • Helping to build strength in your arms and wrists

Your physio can also fit you with a splint to protect hands and wrists.

Arm and wrist pain can also be completely prevented with regular breaks and ergonomic solutions that provide a relaxed, neutral position for your hands and wrists, such as an ergonomic keyboard and mouse.

Don’t let arm and wrist pain thwart your daily routine. For effective treatments, as well as a comprehensive range of preventative tools, talk to the qualified physiotherapists at Physio AUS. Book a consultation today!

Physio Treatment for Hand and WristPain
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