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We are passionate about helping you with our Physiotherapy services.

We care about getting to the cause of your particular issue.
Our initial assessment formula aims to answer these questions:

– What’s happened?
– How long will it take to heal?
– What will you do to help me get better?
– what can I do to help myself?

During Your First Consult We May Use The Following Treatments:

  • Manual Therapy: Massage, Dry Needling, Joint Mobilization  & Adjustment
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Self Treatment Techniques & Education
  • Taping & Bracing Solutions
  • Fracture Casts, Crutches or Moon Boots if needed


  • A complete rehabilitation plan designed specifically for you.

Physio by body part


Knee Physio

Knee Pain

Whether you’re suffering pain from injury or simply wear-and-tear, we understand the struggle it can take on your day-to-day lifestyle.

Our qualified physios will assess the cause of your knee pain and provide treatment to sustain your strength.

Neck Physio

Neck Pain

Poor posture, injury arthritis, and a sedentary lifestyle are all common contributors to neck pain.

1 in 5 Aussies suffers from neck pain, so if you’re one of them, be sure to enquire as to how we may help you.

Headache Physio


Physio AUS Physios are qualified and experienced in treating neck pain and headaches.

Hip Physio

Hip Pain

Hip pain can strike all age groups along with groin and hamstring injuries, muscle strains, bursitis, and arthritis, just to name a few!

At Physio AUS, we create solutions to strengthen your hips.

Lower Back Physio

Back Pain

Frustrated by ongoing back pain? Is it stopping you from living an active lifestyle? You’re not alone.

In fact, most people will experience some sort of back pain during their lifetime. We prescribe routines to strengthen your back and treatments to relieve pain.

Leg Physio


Treatment to manage hamstring injuries or pain is designed to reduce inflammation and improve muscle range of motion.

We can also teach you specific exercises to improve flexibility and relieve pain.

Shoulder Physio

Shoulder Pain

Common in athletes like tennis players or golfers, and also for labourers like carpenters or bricklayers, shoulder pain is usually caused by overuse, strain, or injury.

It can also lead to neck and upper back pain.

Hip Physio

Leg Pain

Leg pain can affect people of all ages and from all walks of life.

If your mobility is suffering as a result of debilitating leg pain, get in touch with our team of physios.

Physio AUS Resolve Pain

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Benjamin Demase | MA Physiotherapy.

Physiotherapist & Director of Physio Australia.

Advanced dry needling and manual therapy expert.

Ben graduated from Latrobe University with a Masters of Physiotherapy Practice.

Originally from regional Victoria, Ben moved to Melbourne in mid 2017 to open his first practice and establish the Physio Australia Brand, which is a unique form of physiotherapy based on knowledge gained from Ben’s practice and extensive travel worldwide.

Ben is sought after by professional athletes for his expertise and spends a significant amount of time traveling all over the world with athletes competing at the highest levels of their professional sports.

He is highly sought after for the treatment of musculoskeletal and sports injuries and has achieved many accolades in his industry, including being a speaker at the Australian Physiotherapy Association national conference in 2015.

Ben is highly skilled at manual therapy and is armed with knowledge of strength and conditioning programming which he uses with professional athletes and everyday people.

Ben believes in a combination of manual therapy techniques, in harmony with exercise and strength programming to help clients with pain relief and achieve their health goals.

Services offered:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Dry Needling
  • Sports & remedial massage
  • Exercise and rehab programming

  • TAC and workcover Injury Claims

  • Muscle & Joint Pain

  • Recurring Problems & Chronic Pain

  • Spinal Pain & Headaches

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Who our Highett physios help

Physiotherapy for every body

It’s not just athletes who benefit from physiotherapy. Physical pain can stop you from performing your everyday routine, reaching for the top shelf, or climbing up stairs!

Musculoskeletal pain can be debilitating. Luckily, you can take steps to help.

If you’re suffering from pain or injury enquire how Physio AUS may help you.

Sports fanatics

Whether you play for leisure or are part of a competitive league, sport is an important part of your life. Get off the bench and back on the field faster with a tailored program designed for long-term sustainability.

At Physio AUS, we treat athletes at all levels in all sports. From hobbyists to professional athletes, we treat a wide range of common and not-so-common musculoskeletal issues.

In addition to improving your technique, we identify bad habits which could lead to potential injury, and help you break them.

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Everyday pain and problems

Musculoskeletal problems don’t just affect fitness fanatics and athletes. Even people who aren’t super active can suffer from pain and injury. In fact, inactivity is one of the biggest contributors to future musculoskeletal problems.

Is pain is impairing your sleep? Is crippling back pain stopping you from enjoying life’s simplest pleasures like playing with the kids? Ask how our physiotherapist in Highett might help get you out of pain and back to living your life!

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Fitness focused

Thanks to increased awareness of health issues, more and more people are taking to the gym to get back in shape. This has led to an increase in injuries and pains as many people are getting back into active lifestyles without proper preparation.

Is an injury or chronic pain keeping you out of the gym? Are you worried about injuring yourself? Ask us about how we might be able to help you.

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The Physio AUS promise


Physio AUS is here to help you.

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