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Physio for leg pain

Do your legs feel weak or unsteady when you walk?

Leg pain affects people from all age groups and walks of life, and dramatically reduces your mobility.

If you’re suffering leg pain, we strongly recommend consulting a qualified physiotherapist to:

  • Correctly diagnose your pain and identify the cause of the problem
  • Create effective treatments that build strength and flexibility in your knees and legs
  • Establish long-term solutions that sustain strength and prevent the recurrence of common leg pain

What’s causing my leg pain?

Your legs absorb a lot of force over the course of your day-to-day life.

As such, leg pain is one of the most common afflictions that physiotherapists treat.


Leg pain is commonly caused by overuse.

Pain arises when the muscles, tendons and bone tissue along the leg are overworked and is often the result of damage such as microtears in the muscle and bone tissue.


Injury or trauma are common sources of leg pain.

Falls, stumbles and other impacts can dramatically restrict your mobility.

While leg injuries are more common in athletes, labourers and those with active lifestyles, the truth is that everyone can be just one fall away from leg pain.

Underlying problems

Past injury that hasn’t recovered properly or underlying bone or muscle conditions can cause leg pain to flare up.

That’s why it’s important to get these issues resolved long before they start causing problems.

For effective treatments that resolve leg pain and restore your mobility, talk to Physio AUS.

Our highly qualified team of physios use a completely unique three-step system not seen anywhere else in Australia.

Physio Treatment for Knee and Leg Pain

We will prescribe you a combination of:

  • Gentle exercises and stretches to encourage damaged tissue to reform optimally
  • Exercises like calf raises, curls, squats, and bridges to strengthen knees and legs and prevent pain from returning
  • Remedial treatments like deep massage and dry needling that target sources of muscle tension

Our system provides in-depth assessment of your musculoskeletal issues and uses unique clinical testing methods to solve your pain and most importantly, sustain results!

Get back on your feet sooner: book your first consultation with Physio AUS today. Got a question or would prefer to chat? Call 1300 392 552.

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