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Physiotherapist for athletes

Like a Formula One racecar requires an elite level of mechanical precision, athletes require a specific skill set to ensure they remain competitive at top levels of competition.

A physio for athletes focuses on common sporting injuries, designed to address an athlete’s unique injuries and get you back to sporting excellence.

Physio AUS offers physio for sports injuries  for several elite athletes, including:

We also offer sponsorship for young and up-and-coming athletes.

Physio for common athlete’s injuries

Athletes engage in high-level performance and place more strain and demand on their bodies than everyday people, often resulting in injuries to the following areas of the body. physio Ben Demase focuses on physio for athletes and will get you back on track (literally) in no time.

Knee Physio


Chronic knee pain can be caused by repeated trauma and shock to the knees during training and competition. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears are some of the most common athletic injuries.

Shoulder Physio

Most common in athletes who repeatedly throw, like cricket players, or in racquet sports like tennis and squash. Shoulder injuries can be painful and restrict movement.

Elbow and arm

Any pain in your arm – from your elbow and forearm to your triceps and biceps – can be identified and treated by a physio.

Leg Physio

A sudden or sharp pain in the back of the thigh can indicate a hamstring strain. The hamstring muscles are highly susceptible to tears, particularly for sprinting athletes as well as soccer and football players.


Sciatica indicates pain running from the sciatic nerve at the base of the spine down one or both legs. Sciatica is a common outcome of a herniated disk, where a disk is pushed out of place and puts pressure on the nerve.


Ankle injuries are some of the most prevalent injuries for athletes. Common ankle injuries include strains (when muscles are overstressed and can tear) and sprains (where joint ligaments are damaged).

Hip Physio


Hip pain can occur both suddenly and over time. Causes certainly vary, but in athletes, hip pain is generally a result of direct impact or overuse.

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