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Physiotherapy Exercise Videos

Explore our collection of videos, designed to teach you specific exercises and routines to relieve pain!

Shoulder exercise videos

A simple fix for a ‘pinching’ shoulder

Here’s a way to see if your shoulder is normal and restore it in under 2 mins.

Shoulder Pain Exercises: Rotator Cuff Release

Here’s how to release the posterior capsule of your shoulder. excellent for relieving rotator cuff dysfunction and tension

Elbow exercise videos

The best way to restore
movement to your elbow and wrist

A great exercise the restore normal rang of motion (ROM) to your wrist and elbow, essential for elbow pain.

Elbow extension
4pt kneel

Reclaim Elbow and wrist ROM with this exercise. Guidelines: 2 mins each side. Tip: aim for a bony lockout.

Physio for back pain videos

Lower back pain release:
For people in seated jobs

Lower back pain exercise. Release tight low back muscles and relieve low back aches and pain.Guidelines: 5 mins

Fix upper back stiffness and improve posture – Tradies’ special

An entire video dedicated to solving Tradies’ most common back pain problems.

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