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Paulo Santos
Paulo Santos
23:10 13 Jan 20
Ben and Ally are great: attention to details (needed, when they are using needles on you !) and clearly explaining the importance of what you need to do to improve.
Daniel B
Daniel B
09:25 24 Dec 19
I've had a recurring issue in my upper back that has become an issue several times, and I've sought treatment for it on four occasions at different clinics. However unlike all my other treatments Ally not only sought to fix the immediate pain, but also provide me with a long term solution that would hopefully prevent it from returning. She walked through the exercises in depth and explained the benefits of each movement, rather than just printing out a generic workout sheet and sending me on my way.
Thomas White
Thomas White
23:32 18 Dec 19
Had tendon problems in my shoulder which Ben was quickly able to diagnose and set a plan to fix it. Within a week or two it was improving and after three to four it’s almost fully healed. Knows his stuff, would definitely recommend
Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson
23:09 20 Nov 19
Dropped in for a tune up and a few niggling little things and Ben was right onto it and all rectified within no time. I have been to a few physios over the years, but Ben was without doubt the best. I'll know where to go next time.
franc volpe
franc volpe
00:34 19 Nov 19
Ben instantly helped me be more mobile within the first session.. With the exercises and treatment my lower back/hip issue are no longer causing me pain... Truly recommend his expertise..
William Z
William Z
06:11 01 Nov 19
Ben was more than helpful sorting out my lower back issue. Going through the exercises / workshops with him I was back to my normal routine in no time. Would recommend
Linda Fleet
Linda Fleet
21:10 09 Oct 19
In a nutshell Ben fixed me! I was in a lot of pain and after the first session - relief! After the fourth session - cured! Can't recommend highly enough his no-nonsense, highly effective treatment.
Matt Pritchard
Matt Pritchard
01:23 04 Oct 19
This physio clinic is absolutely fantastic. I was hit by a car on my bike and sustained multiple injuries... my recovery has proceeded extremely well under the guidance and treatment of several of the physiotherapists here, especially Ben. I recommend this clinic highly with Ben as a real stand out among many physios I've had over the years.
Karlia Blow
Karlia Blow
14:47 07 Aug 19
Over the last couple of years I’ve seen a number of different physios to try & fix my shoulder problems, with no noticeable difference made and continuous sessions after sessions. After 3 sessions with Ben I finally have more strength & movement in my shoulder, along with alternative movements to use while lifting weights so I don’t aggravate it again. Highly recommend Ben, he’s extremely intelligent & thorough!
01:33 12 Jun 18
Incredible physio! Still undergoing treatment on my knee, but so far there's been huge progress and I couldn't be more happy. Highly recommend!
Jacob Cook
Jacob Cook
02:02 04 May 18
Over the past 4 weeks i have been working with Ben to achieve my fitness goals, and it is safe to say i am well and truly on track with what it is i wish to achieve. That being a 44km marathon and a fitness competition in September. My ROM has increased ever so slightly and the risk of injury feels as if its decreasing! Shout out to you Benjamin for getting me in good health, providing me with ontime sessions, and the overall friendly customer service. I now no where to look if i ever need further assistance in this area.
Gina Pearce
Gina Pearce
19:39 27 Apr 18
Ben's approach is friendly, professional and thorough. He analyses all aspects before recommending a rehab plan. I had several issues going on at the same time and Ben addressed each one methodically, consistently and successfully. I really like his approach and the way he explains whats going on so you can understand why he is recommending a particular plan of therapy/exercises. And ... he is always on time!
Gareth Verberne
Gareth Verberne
08:09 26 Apr 18
Ben is very clinical at what he does and how he has delivered my rehab program. I've been fortunate enough to be progressing with my rehab and I'm now 4-5 weeks into my program and I'm pain free in my knee. Ben prescribed program is practical and very targeted which is what I want out a physio. Highly recommend if you are looking for a physio who is reliable.
James Nearchou
James Nearchou
02:13 28 Mar 18
I would highly recommend Ben @ Physio Australia for anyone looking for a great physio who knows what he is talking about. I run a personal training studio in the area and Ben has helped me with multiple injuries as well as looked after many of our clients and trainers. Ben's method of using the Aus Consult to diagnose and lay out a treatment plan on your first visit is unlike any I have experienced before. If you have the need for a Physio, Ben is a MUST SEE!
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Banish Knee Pain

Ben here, director of Physio Australia. I’m known for making a huge difference in the lives of those who have knee pain.

From working literally thousands of case sessions with knee pain, I know that when you are suffering from knee pain, you can feel:

  • Frustrated, especially if you’ve tried to get it resolved but didn’t get the results you wanted.
  • Debilitated, if this pain means you can’t do everything you want to do or are holding back because you’re afraid it may make things worse.
  • Confused, because there seem to be so many different options out there, so how do you know which one is for you?

It’s really sad to see someone suffering in pain simply because they’ve either tried to ignore it or they’ve been given bad advice.

You see, pain is a lagging indicator, meaning that for you to be feeling pain, there’s already an underlying issue that’s been creeping underneath the surface. Which means the longer you leave it – the worse it’s going to get!

To avoid things going from bad to worse we’re currently offering you an incentive to get things handled now!

So book your initial Breakthrough consult before 31st December 2018 and get

20-minute Free Assessment Session!

When you undergo treatment with our AUS formula you’ll leave our care:

  • Fully recovered and free to return to the things you enjoy
  • Ecstatic with the results and the ease in which they were experienced
  • Happy and satisfied, that you now have complete confidence to live life to its fullest without the fear of pain coming back to haunt them
20-minute Free Assessment Session!

Your Breakthrough Session

We call it your Breakthrough session because that’s exactly what it does – it allows you to break through your current pain and restriction and give you a concise roadmap to get you from where you are now to where you need to be.

Your initial Breakthrough session is a 60-minute, one-on-one session with a master physio trained in the AUS System where you will receive:

  • The most advanced assessment process to diagnose the root cause of your symptoms
  • Expert ‘hands on therapy’ from a master physiotherapist to relieve your pain
  • A personally tailored treatment program specifically designed for you
banish back pain
Book your Breakthrough session today!

The Physio AUS promise

After your initial Breakthrough session, you will know:

  • Exactly what your treatment will involve
  • How long it will take to heal
  • How frequently your sessions will be
  • What you should do/not do at home to fast track your recovery

The Physio AUS system is simply the most effective of its kind. Tested through thousands of client sessions, we’re proud to hold a 5-star rating and to be endorsed by professional athletes including:

Light heavyweight champion Jimmy Crute

“Wouldn’t bother going anywhere else. Benny at Physio AUS is not only very knowledgeable but cares greatly about every single person that walks through the door.”

Miss World Bikini Model Alana Warwick

“I first started to see Ben at Physio Australia with a couple of concerns I had preventing me from training in the gym.

Previously no one had been able give answers or had just told me it was “normal”, within my first consult Ben had got to the root of the problem and had a plan to get my training back to peak performance, not a bandaid fix.

I have not looked back since my first consult and would recommend him to anyone looking for quality advice and treatment.”

I look forward to adding your case to our collection of success stories.

Benjamin Demase | Director