How To Eliminate Shoulder and Neck Pain [Hack]

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How To Eliminate Shoulder and Neck Pain [Hack]

Neck pain can be completely immobilising!

It’s one of the most common complaints I deal with in our Highett clinic every single day.

It can occur due to a given event for e.g: a knock during a sporting contest or a motor vehicle accident.

But it can also happen seemingly out of the blue.

I’ve had many patients who wake up with an excruciatingly painful and ‘locked’ neck who come banging down my door pleading for help (which I provide obviously).

However, here’s the thing; I can eliminate that pain very successfully in very little time. But the question you should be asking yourself is ‘ how do I reduce my chances of this happening again?’ Which is why I’ve chosen to include links to 2 great articles below.

In this video I share a really handy, dead simple way to help reduce shoulder and neck pain by correcting posture.

This was done with K-tape. We have many different types of tape we can use.

Ask your physio to help you implement this little hack and you’ll feel the difference immediately.

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For an easy to read guide on managing neck pain read our Bible on managing neck pain here:

If you’re after a more comprehensive, but heavy-going read, check out this review of the scientific literature around neck pain here

It’s harder to read, but the above meta-analysis is far more comprehensive and scientific in its approach where it looked at studies done with people suffering neck pain across a large population of different people.

If you are suffering from neck pain and wanting to give your neck some attention, book an appointment with one of our qualified physiotherapists at Physio AUS at our Highett clinic on 1300 392 552 or book online here.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions!

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