Learn what telehealth options our Highett physios offer

//Learn what telehealth options our Highett physios offer

Learn what telehealth options our Highett physios offer

Over the last couple of weeks, everyone’s been scrambling to sort out their affairs and make as much of their business remote as possible.

And our Highett physios are no different.

Fortunately for us, we already have several systems in place. These allow us to continue offering effective treatments for your pains, aches and injuries without you having to attend our clinic in person.

Whether you don’t feel comfortable heading out at the moment, or you simply can’t find the time to attend in person, our physiotherapists in Highett can still help you with your unique injuries, pains and aches.

Even before the pandemic, our physiotherapy team offered extensive telehealth options!

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What is telehealth for physio?

Simply put, it’s all about taking parts of your health treatment online.

Just to be clear, not all physiotherapy treatments can be done remotely. Some treatments will require you to attend in person, or use equipment that can only be found in our Highett physio clinic.

That being said, there’s a good number of treatments that can be done remotely!

Given recent circumstances, this is something that many people are starting to ask our Highett physios about.

Luckily for you, this is an option we’ve been offering our clients since day one.

Is telehealth the right call when it comes to physiotherapy?

It depends!

For example, we can’t exactly use joint activation techniques unless we’re together. And we haven’t even gotten started on issues that require the usage of specialised physio equipment that you probably won’t have access to at home.

It all depends on your condition, as well as what needs to be done to treat it.

What’s more, whether or not telehealth is feasible can also change depending on how far along in your treatment you are. For example, during the most critical phases, it might be more beneficial to arrange an in-person appointment so that we can personally observe.

In many cases though, we can afford to push more of our appointments online, as we (probably) won’t have to get as hands-on.

From our first consultation, we can determine pretty early what you’ll need to treat your unique case.

In addition to plotting out a treatment plan, that includes determining how often you’ll need to visit our Highett physiotherapy centre, and how much you can do from home.

Telehealth options from our Highett physio team

As we’ve mentioned above, not every specific case can be treated remotely. For the ones that can however, our physiotherapists in Highett offer a range of telehealth options.

Whether you’re trying to maintain social distancing or you simply can’t make the time to attend in-person now that you have to supervise your kids at home, our Highett physios offer a range of options.

You’ll be able to continue your treatment from the bedroom or living room!

Online consultations, explained

The first step when getting treated by a physiotherapist? Your initial consultation.

This initial consult is arguably the most important part of your physio journey. It lays the groundwork, sets the tone and helps us get to the root of the problem.

And best of all, it can be conducted entirely online!

Our knowledge of the human musculoskeletal system allows us to diagnose the root cause of your unique case of pain. From there, we can devise a unique treatment plan that effectively targets your pain and addresses the root problem.

Thanks to our training and experience, many cases don’t need an in-person appointment to diagnose.

It isn’t just your break-through session that can be performed remotely, either – in many cases, follow-up sessions can also be conducted remotely as well…

Ongoing sessions and checkups with our Highett physios

One of the pillars of our unique AUS system is a focus on ongoing care, and on finding ways to sustain your results for the long-term.

In many cases, this can require ongoing appointments with your physiotherapist in Highett, both to assess your progress as well as see whether or not adjustments to your take-home routine are needed.

Good news: not all of these follow-up appointments require you to make your way to our clinic!

In many cases, physiotherapy check-ups are just that – check-ups. We ask you how you’re doing with your pain, whether you’ve been following your take-home routine and whether the technique modifications we’ve suggested are helping.

Based on this, our Highett physios make suggestions based on your replies and how you’re feeling.

And that doesn’t always require us to be in the same room as one another!

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Online Pilates

While strength-building and mobility exercises are our focus here when it comes to treating injuries and chronic pain, they aren’t the only tools in our toolbox.

In many cases, we may prescribe Pilates as part of your treatment plan.

Clinical Pilates combines pilates principles with our Highett physio’s knowledge of your musculoskeletal system and body mechanics.

Best of all, in many cases, our Clinical Pilates sessions can be run online, allowing you to attack your pains and aches without leaving the house.

Book an online consultation with our Highett physio team

Many physiotherapists are only now offering telehealth options in response to the pandemic, despite the tools being around for years at this point.

In a lot of cases, this is their first time working around such restrictions.

In short, they’re still working out the kinks.

They’ll get there eventually – unfortunately, your pain or injury can’t wait that long!

Luckily for you, our Highett physios have offered telehealth options since day one. 

We’ve worked out all the issues and put in place systems that give you the best possible treatment, while minimising the amount of times you need to come in.

Don’t have time to visit?

Prefer to maintain social distancing?

Need to keep a watchful eye over the kids?

Give Physio AUS a call today on (03) 9525 6077, or click here to book an online physio consultation!

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