Our physio in Elwood explains hand and finger pain

Physiotherapy isn’t just for athletes and manual labourers - it can also be a huge help to office workers and everyday Aussies as well! One part of the body in particular where many people encounter pain is in the hands and fingers. Do you work as a draftsman? Are you a musician? Have people told you that you type like a jackhammer? If any of these apply to you, then [...]

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Strains vs sprains: our Elwood physio explains!

Strains, sprains, tomato, tom-ah-to… While they may sound pretty close, the truth is that strains and sprains are two completely separate issues, and as such, require slightly different treatments. Due to their similar-sounding names however, many people wind up using the two terms interchangeably - something that our Elwood physio hears all the time!  It’s true that strains and sprains refer to damage to soft tissues in the body, and [...]

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An Elwood physio explains physiotherapist training

The job of your Elwood physio is to assess, diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of musculoskeletal issues that impact people’s movement and physical function. We often find ourselves working with those who’ve suffered from accidents, injuries or long-running health problems. Using a tailored combination of exercise, movement analysis, manual therapy and specialist techniques, we can help restore, improve and promote health. The human body is a complex machine. [...]

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Our Elwood physio explains referred pain

Your leg hurts. There’s a sharp pain every time you turn your neck. You experience a dull throbbing in your lower back, hip and leg. Logically, you should be looking into getting physio for your leg, neck, or back, right? Unfortunately, when it comes to musculoskeletal pain, it isn’t always that straightforward! In many cases, the root cause of your musculoskeletal pain may be in a completely different part of [...]

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Our Elwood physio explains the ACL and common ACL injuries

If you’re a big footy fan (it doesn’t matter which code), the phrase “ACL injury” is likely one that you’re very familiar with already. You’ll know that it’s one of the most common injuries our top footy players run afoul of. But do you know what the ACL is, and what its function is? Are you contemplating getting back into your favourite sport and worried about getting an ACL injury [...]

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Tennis Elbow – All Your Questions Answered

How can I have tennis elbow if I don’t play tennis? Is this an injury of the bone or muscle? Why do I feel pain in my forearm as well as my elbow? These are just a few frequently asked questions from those experiencing Tennis Elbow. In this blog, I will endeavour to answer these, as well as a few more really common questions I’ve seen in practice from those [...]

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An Elwood physio explains how to avoid injury when you hit the weights

Whether you’re gunning to become the next Arnold Schwartznegger or simply looking to add a bit of definition to your muscles, weight training routines are a staple of many people’s workouts. However, the weights room also carries with it a range of risks - in particular, a very high chance of injury if you go about your regimen the wrong way! Most experienced weightlifters are well aware of these pitfalls [...]

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Introducing massage therapy at out Elwood and Caulfield physio clinics

At Physio Australia we are known as the go-to guys and gals for when you feel pain and injury. In fact our mission statement is ‘ We resolve your pain and restore your body’s function’. But what if I told you that we aren’t just your go-to destination for when you feel pain, but in fact we also offer massage services that you can take advantage of anytime whatsoever in [...]

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Read this before you hit the pool! A physio in Elwood explains swimmer’s shoulder

Australia has a bit of a love affair with the water - we suppose it’s just a side-effect of being surrounded by the stuff! You don’t even have to look at how our competitive swimmers are treated for proof - only 5% of Aussie adults can’t swim, compared to 20% in the UK, or the shocking 4 billion people globally who can’t swim. Whether you swim in the fast lane, [...]

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The final chapter – Low back pain and sciatica

Do you have lower back pain? Do you find yourself unable to sit uninterrupted at your desk throughout your working day? Do you feel a deep ache in your lower back? Do you have a love for heat packs? If you have answered yes to the above questions, in simple terms (as I’m sure you already know!) you are likely to be suffering from lower back pain. Lower back pain [...]

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