Read this before you hit the pool! A physio in Elwood explains swimmer’s shoulder

Australia has a bit of a love affair with the water - we suppose it’s just a side-effect of being surrounded by the stuff! You don’t even have to look at how our competitive swimmers are treated for proof - only 5% of Aussie adults can’t swim, compared to 20% in the UK, or the shocking 4 billion people globally who can’t swim. Whether you swim in the fast lane, [...]

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The final chapter – Low back pain and sciatica

Do you have lower back pain? Do you find yourself unable to sit uninterrupted at your desk throughout your working day? Do you feel a deep ache in your lower back? Do you have a love for heat packs? If you have answered yes to the above questions, in simple terms (as I’m sure you already know!) you are likely to be suffering from lower back pain. Lower back pain [...]

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Upper Back Pain Management – The Bible Part 2

So now that your neck pain has been addressed, what about your upper back? Are these two regions of pain interrelated? In simple, yes, they can be. Due to the close proximity of the neck to the shoulders and upper back, pain can often be experienced within these two regions at the same time. The phrase “upper back” refers to the thoracic spine. The thoracic spine is the second spinal [...]

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Leg pain? An Elwood physio shares 4 running mistakes you’re making

Running - how hard could it be? After all, you’re just putting one foot in front of the other, right? Unfortunately, it’s exactly that attitude that’s behind so many leg and foot injuries! There’s much more to running than just putting on a pair of trainers and going for it. Believe it or not however, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes when you go out for a run. [...]

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How to fix a sprained ankle

Everyone knows someone who has sprained or rolled their ankle. And it’s one of those pesky injuries that has a habit of coming back again and again. Around 34% of people who have sprained their ankle once, will sprain it at least once more – and that’s concerning. For me, I’ve been involved in netball both professionally and personally for years, and ankle sprains are one of the most common [...]

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A case of the dreaded heel pain: An Elwood Physio explains achilles tendinopathy

Your 4 Stage Guide To Escaping Achilles Tendon Pain If you’ve ever been debilitated by sharp and/or aching pain in your achilles or heel, then you know it’s certainly not fun. In fact, it’s every runner’s worst nightmare. But you don’t have to be a runner to fall victim to a case of achilles or heel pain. If you’ve suffered heel pain or pain in the lower calf in the [...]

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Chronic pain and central sensitisation

As a new graduate physiotherapist, I have learnt so much in my first two months of practice. Finally, theory has been put into practice and I’ve been challenged when seeing a range of different people with different conditions every day. It’s been satisfying to learn that I can confidently treat every person who walks through my door and make improvements to their pain and function. For many of my clients, [...]

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Acute wry neck explained – the bible to managing acute neck pain

Are you suffering from recent and sudden neck pain? Is the pain very severe? Does your neck feel stiff and the surrounding muscles feel tight? Do you have a reduced ability to confidently move your neck through its normal ranges of motion? Are you unable to move your neck pain-free? Are you having trouble turning to safely perform a head check whilst driving your car? Is your sleeping disrupted due [...]

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An Elwood physiotherapist explains why warm-up exercises are crucial

Very few of us question it: of course warm-ups are important. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, you no doubt understand the importance of a good warm-up. It’s one of those things that’s drilled into us from our very first training session, and even as far back as primary school-level PE. But have you ever wondered about the why and the how? Our physiotherapist in Elwood examines [...]

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A physiotherapist in Elwood explains mistakes you make while sitting

At Physio AUS, many of the cases we treat are athletes, tradies and people recovering from injury - in other words, people who either spend a lot of time either using their bodies or who need physical therapy. So you’d think office workers would be safe, right? Wrong! While office workers aren’t so much subject to problems such as injury or overuse (generally speaking), they do face plenty of their [...]

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