Our Elwood physio explains the ACL and common ACL injuries

If you’re a big footy fan (it doesn’t matter which code), the phrase “ACL injury” is likely one that you’re very familiar with already. You’ll know that it’s one of the most common injuries our top footy players run afoul of. But do you know what the ACL is, and what its function is? Are you contemplating getting back into your favourite sport and worried about getting an ACL injury [...]

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Common exercise mistakes: an Elwood physio tells you how to get back into running!

With society’s new focus on fitness and physical wellbeing, more and more everyday Aussies are strapping their runners on, renewing gym memberships, and getting back into the habit. This is great news if you ask us - your health should always be a top priority! However, it also comes with its fair share of risks. Returning to exercise isn’t as easy as hitting the pavement after a few months hibernating. [...]

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How to overcome knee pain with your Caulfield physio

Knee pain doesn’t just affect retirees - Physio for knee is a service physiotherapists offer to people of all ages. You’d be surprised how common it is. While it’s hard to get exact numbers, we do know that each year approximately 30,000 Aussies undergo replacement knee surgery. With those numbers in mind, there are good odds you’ll run into knee problems at some point of your life! So what can [...]

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