Highett Physio Shows How To Stop Shoulder Pain And Clicking [Video]

//Highett Physio Shows How To Stop Shoulder Pain And Clicking [Video]

Highett Physio Shows How To Stop Shoulder Pain And Clicking [Video]

At Physio Australia we see our fair share of athletes and manual labourers – it’s true.

However what most people don’t know is that we actually see more office workers and everyday Aussies than we do superstar sporting heroes.

Shoulder and neck pain are two parts of the body in particular where many people struggle and seek our help.

Today, our physio in Highett talks you through an amazing exercise for shoulder, neck and arm pain using a real-life case example.

Why Does My Shoulder Click?

One of the most common questions I get in the clinic by far is – why does my shoulder click?

Moving your shoulder in certain ways, for certain people can trigger a clicking, cracking, and/or popping sound.

That popping sound is called crepitus.

There are many possible causes of crepitus which I’ll list below:

  • Osteoarthritis:
    • With age some of the lining of your joints, the cartilage, can wear thin due to the natural progressions of life. With Your shoulder being a ‘ball and socket’ configuration’ occasionally the two rough surfaces can coincide and make the above sounds associated with crepitus.
  • The release of gases in the joint space: Ever ‘cracked’ your knuckles? Well that cracking sound is generally associated with bubbles that have formed inside the synovial fluid (which lines synovial joints such as your shoulder) bursting.
  • Bursitis:
    • If the bursa (fluid sack that lines your joints) has some particles in it, they may sometimes cause an audible grind or clicking sound upon movement.
  • Labral Tears:
    • Your labrum is a bit of cartilage that lines the ‘ball’ aspect of your shoulder joint allowing for weight bearing and pain free movement. If you sustain a tear to this lining it can cause a clicking sound when you go to move that joint.

Rotator Cuff Tears : Learn all about them here

What Does Having Shoulder Pain mean?

Pain Is A Sign That Your Body Is Sensing Danger And Should NOT Be Ignored!

Shoulder pain can at times be due to an injury to the tissues surrounding the shoulder joint.

It can also in other cases, be due to a disease of the shoulder joint itself.

We’ve written extensively about the types of shoulder pain you can get in our blog section.

Below is a visual representation of some of the most common shoulder injuries we see in our Highett clinic.

Image result for what does shoulder pain mean?


Physiotherapy For Your Shoulder?     

Your Local Physio Australia clinic can help you.

We’ve helped literally thousands of cases recover from shoulder pain.

So if you have a question, feel free to call us.

How our physio in Highett can help

Our physio in Highett uses a range of techniques to  get you fast effective pain relief and to facilitate a faster recovery, including:

At Physio AUS however, we go even further. Our physio in Highett looks beyond physical therapy in order to ensure your pain never returns.

To get to that point, we start by conducting an in-depth consultation that looks at the exact causes of your shoulder pain.

Over the years, we’ve noticed that in many cases, the root cause isn’t injury. In some cases, the cause can be as simple and mundane as:

  • Weakness
  • Improper technique
  • Lifestyle factors

Depending on what cause (or causes) we identify during our breakthrough session, we’ll prescribe a custom recovery plan that restores function to your hands and fingers, as well as technique modifications and tools.

Starting to experience unexpected hand or finger pain? Fed up with chronic shoulder pain?

Call Physio AUS today on 1300 392 552 or click here to book online!

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