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Can I Still Go To The Gym Even Though I’m Injured?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked at Physio Australia.

The Answer simply is, yes. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that generally not only can you go to the gym but you should do your best to stay as close to your regular program as guided by a good physio.

Obviously you may need to modify some of the exercises and/or the volume (weights x sets x reps), but we know you will fair better in the long run staying active rather than being a couch potato – see the example below.

Having changed my programing which meant I hadn’t deadlifted in a few months here I have changed both the type of exercise and the variables. Let me explain:

Exercise selection: I’ve chosen to go for the hex bar over my preferred conventional deadlift set-up. This allows me to lessen the load on my lower back and work on more quad drive – this is a great tip for those who have had some low back trouble when deadlifting and squatting. Rather than go into retirement from the power rack – just change to the hex bar.

Variables: Here I’m performing a set of 5 reps for 160 KGs. Normally in that range I would expect to lift around 185 for 5, hence I’ve lowered the load intensity. Alternatively I could keep the load at 185kg and do less reps.

Given that I haven’t done much in the way of heavy compound lifting for a while, I’ll be patient and perform a week’s intro block where I’ll perform my sets/reps schedule with a lighter weight to allow my nervous system to ‘remember’ the old movement pathways before added progressive overloaded weights.

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